Ramadan2 Screen Saver

Ramadan2 Screen Saver

Ramadan2 Screen Saver will bring the celebration of Ramadan to your desktop
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Do you what the Ramadan is?
Would you like to be part of this very important Muslim celebration?
Ramadan2 Screen Saver will bring the celebration of Ramadan to your desktop.

This unique screen saver will take you on a trip to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, during the celebration of Ramadan.
This celebration is one of the most important ones for Muslims everywhere in the world.
This is a complement to the Ramadan1 screen saver, but with different images and prayers.

You will be able to see some beautiful photographs of the Kabbah and all the people that gather around the place to celebrate this important celebration.
You will delight watching night scenes of Maccah and the Kabbah, as well as texts with the prayers used in these days.
But you think that is not enough?

Ramadan2 Screen Saver will also let you listen to beautiful chants and prayers to Allah, which you can follow easily, or just enjoy in silence.
Now it will not matter how far you are from Makkah.
You will be able to follow the prayers, if you speak the language, and join the thousands of Muslims around the world.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful images
  • Chants and prayers


  • Targeted to Muslims and people interested in that religion
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